Hey there! I'm Jackie!

My passion is helping leaders build effective people strategies for their firms, staff them accordingly, and continue to grow into the role they are destined to play.

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Hey there! I'm Jackie!

My passion is helping leaders build effective people strategies for their firms, staff them accordingly, and continue to grow into the role they are destined to play.

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What's Your People Strategy?

The number one way I help my clients is to help them best understand who they need, help find them, and continue to build their corporate culture for the highest level of retention. Without the right people management skills, you don't have a scalable business. Not sure where to start? Let's connect today!

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The Serviss Way


People Strategy

Assess what the People Strategy needs to be for your business and map out a plan of action with guidance, coaching, and execution assistance against that plan. 

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Talent Acquisition

Once you are clear on who you need, we can help you acquire the talent, ensure onboarding them aligns with your corporate culture, and ensure your interviewing and assessment practices qualify the best candidates for your team. 

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Ensure your team and leaders are performing at their best to pivot with your business strategy needs, leverage our coaching and performance management practices. 

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Vince Luciani

Founder, Legacy Coaching

“Working with Jackie has completely catapulted my life into a realm of possibility. She holds unconditional space and will challenge with love when needed. There is no one else who can help me evolve my business and life the way Jackie has”

Jim Carter,

Founder, Cause Hack

"Jackie and her team make this process both fun and rewarding. They are data driven, committed and deliver the results we have been looking for."

Emma Jack,

Founder, Pressplay Physio

"There is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't be where I am today without the guidance and support of Jackie. She has unlocked a part of me that has taken my life, business and relationships to the next level. Forever grateful!"

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On the Jackie Serviss Show, I host conversations with business owners and executive leaders who are navigating the growth of their business and share tips, tricks, tools, and methods on how to continue to move through it all with grace. 

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About Jackie Serviss

Jackie Serviss is a seasoned Human Resources Executive and Certified Executive Coach (CEC) with over a decade of assisting leaders in aligning people strategies and talent acquisition best practices to scale their organization. As a business owner and people strategist, Jackie leverages her leadership & integrated approach to drive strategy around talent planning & forecasting, organizational design, leadership development coaching, change management & staffing services. 

With a passion for driving sustainable business growth through the power of people, Jackie is focused on strategic partnerships with leaders to drive results, build teams and create sustainable impact.

Facing disruptors in today's business landscape with a consistent lens on talent is at the forefront of all organizations. Jackie has developed a method to attract, develop and retain high performance talent and is here to help you assess your needs and construct the people strategy that is right for you. Jackie’s experience working with companies like PepsiCo, Toll, and BlackRock, along with startup founders like Plexxis Software, Spitzen Limited and Legacy Coaching has given her the ability to create and produce attainable organizational talent plans that can scale up or scale back with ease. If you are trying to figure out what to do to grow the amazing talent on your team, or attract the best talent into your company, connect with Jackie today to assess how best to get started.

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