How Online Business Managers Set You Up For Success

As a solopreneur, there are a plethora of hurdles you face when you are starting your business from scratch. Building a business from the ground up usually requires a lot of time and energy. But let’s be honest, solopreneurs only have so much time and energy to give in a day. Oftentimes, solopreneurs find themselves having to put important projects on hold so they can spend time managing tedious, yet vital back-end tasks. 

My best advice for freeing up pivotal time in your day is: to offload the back-end work to OBMs (Online Business Managers).  

As primarily systems strategists, OBMs develop and implement business tools and procedures to ensure the smooth sailing function of your business and its people. An Online Business Manager will manage all aspects of your business--from operations, projects, people, and metrics. They handle everything from logistics to product launches to overseeing the day-to-day operations of your business. 

When I hired an OBM, it changed the trajectory of my business– for the better! Before the support of an OBM, I was in charge of client relations, marketing, operations, and management. I was juggling it all, but day after day felt as though I was accomplishing nothing substantial. 

That feeling finally caught up to me and I decided it was time to hire some help. I believe hiring an OBM was one of the best investments I could've made for my growing business. 

Here are 4 reasons why an OBM may be the best investment for your business, too:

1. You want to scale your business but you’re running out of free time to make it happen. 

Most CEOs/soloprenuers spend about 70% of their time running a team & other admin tasks. That only leaves about 30% of the time for work. 

An Online Business Manager will be the partner in crime that you need to take over the reigns of your daily business operations, allowing you to concentrate your energy on strategically growing your business. By hiring an OBM, you can save time sitting through admin meetings and micromanaging your team and spend more time serving your clients and brewing up the business of your dreams. 

For me, hiring an OBM saved me about 4 hours of back-end admin work EVERY day.  

2. You're missing out on clients or profitable sales opportunities 

Are you losing out on clients because you’re stretched too thin while managing your business? An OBM can not only help you free up your time but also turn your vision into reality. 

My podcast was made possible with the support of an OBM. Starting a podcast was always a goal of mine, but without the help of an OBM, it would not have been possible. 

3. You are not sure how to increase revenue over the next 12 months.

There’s only one solution to continue to grow your profitable business. You need to remove yourself from managing the day-to-day of your business. By removing yourself, you can bring someone on board who can take over and implement the right systems and strategies to maximize your business efficiency and productivity. An OBM can help with this process of delegating and managing the tasks on your behalf.

4. Your team is growing 

As your team grows, you need to hire more people to help you run your online business. You realize that you’re spending more time with the onboarding and training processes than focusing on your clients. 

I oftentimes talk about how hiring the “right” help is crucial to the success of a new business. When you take time to fully understand which tasks are taking time away from your main goal, you can better understand who you need to hire for support. 

In short, OBMs will be an asset to your team, allowing you to delve into your passion and out of project management. Imagine the amount of time you will gain back if you’re not caught up with the mundane administrative tasks of your everyday business. 


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