Are you LEADING or MANAGING your business?

leadership Jul 18, 2022

Are you LEADING or MANAGING your business?

Have you ever stopped to consider how you, the owner of your business, is contributing to the stagnant or slow growth in your business? 

A core differentiator I have seen in the businesses that scale vs. the businesses that stay stuck is that the owner of the business is constantly evolving and growing their skillset, leadership characteristics and surrounding themselves with high performance talent. 

This takes intentional action to uplevel yourself and let go of the control so you can create space to operate at the highest level.

So what is the difference between managing and leading your business? 

Here is a simple breakdown of the difference in behaviors when it comes to a manager vs. a leader.

Manager = staying close to the day to day operations, needing to understand all the details about every decision being made, is a planner and organizer in the day to day tasks. Your team “works” for you.

Leader =...

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