Your Past Doesn’t Define You: How To Continuously Build Your Identity

In a world that is constantly trying to define who you should be, it can be daunting to find the courage and self-belief to stay true to yourself. However, it is possible to continuously build your identity and find the path that is right for you. 

It’s important to not forge a path solely based on your past accomplishments. Everyone can relate to the feeling of being defined by their past. Whether it be a bad experience, a mistake, or good experiences, such as accolades, awards, and accompaniments– our past can often define how we view ourselves and how others view us. But that can cause us to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and in a state of panic. 

No one knows that feeling better than Emma Jack. Emma is a Sport and Orthopedic Physiotherapist and owner of Press Play Physiotherapy and Pilates in London, Ontario, Canada. She holds a Master of Physiotherapy as well as a Master of Clinical Science, has her Sports Physiotherapy Diploma, is a Fellow of the Academy of...

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The Business of Living

Entrepreneurship is no longer just a business term anymore – it’s a way of life.  You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to be entrepreneurial. You just need to cultivate an entrepreneurial attitude. This is exactly what people feel in their gut every day and why they desire the direction to enable their entrepreneurial spirit. 

No one embodies this entrepreneurial spirit more than Courtney Weaver. Courtney took the plunge into entrepreneurship years ago to pursue passions and dreams, and to build something of her own with her own set of principles.

Courtney is the CEO of Weaver Sales Academy, a sales training organization for insurance professionals. Courtney co-founded Weaver Sales Academy with her husband Michael, and after almost a decade in business, she knows a thing or two about building life on her terms. 

Courtney’s podcast, Ambitious Hippies, also covers the principles of living life on your own terms. There’s no one better to...

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Life By Design: How To Create Your Ideal Life

Are you an entrepreneur, woman, or mother looking to create your ideal life? If so, you're in the right place! According to Renee Warren, with the right mindset and approach, you can create a life that is truly meaningful and fulfilling. Renee Warren is an award-winning entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author, and founder of We Wild Women, a platform that helps entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses. She’s also the host of the celebrated podcast, Into the Wild, a program that features curated interviews with women entrepreneurs and provides actionable advice to women who are launching or growing their own dream businesses. 

Renee advocates for a life by design and in this blog,  you'll learn how to take control of your life and create the one you've always dreamed of. Through simple, actionable steps, you can create a life that is full of joy and purpose. 

So let's get started on creating your ideal life!


How To Plan Your Ideal Life 


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Build Your Entrepreneurial Confidence

Building your entrepreneurial confidence takes time, effort, and a commitment to learning. Confidence isn't something that happens overnight. It's an ongoing process of building trust in yourself as a business leader. Confidence is essential for entrepreneurs because it provides the strength and resilience needed to take risks, make decisions, and stay focused on achieving goals.

My dear friend Bridgitte Mallinson is the perfect example of someone who had leveraged unwavering self-confidence to become a successful entrepreneur. Bridgitte is a Functional Dietitian, entrepreneur, and business mentor. When I think of women who have gone against the traditional business model to create one that works for them, Bridgitte is top of mind. Why? Because her entrepreneurship journey started when she realized she had a lot to offer. 

According to Bridgitte, confidence isn't only about knowing your strengths—it's also about recognizing and embracing areas of improvement....

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