The Business of Living

Entrepreneurship is no longer just a business term anymore – it’s a way of life.  You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to be entrepreneurial. You just need to cultivate an entrepreneurial attitude. This is exactly what people feel in their gut every day and why they desire the direction to enable their entrepreneurial spirit. 

No one embodies this entrepreneurial spirit more than Courtney Weaver. Courtney took the plunge into entrepreneurship years ago to pursue passions and dreams, and to build something of her own with her own set of principles.

Courtney is the CEO of Weaver Sales Academy, a sales training organization for insurance professionals. Courtney co-founded Weaver Sales Academy with her husband Michael, and after almost a decade in business, she knows a thing or two about building life on her terms. 

Courtney’s podcast, Ambitious Hippies, also covers the principles of living life on your own terms. There’s no one better to...

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