The Business of Living

Entrepreneurship is no longer just a business term anymore – it’s a way of life.  You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to be entrepreneurial. You just need to cultivate an entrepreneurial attitude. This is exactly what people feel in their gut every day and why they desire the direction to enable their entrepreneurial spirit. 

No one embodies this entrepreneurial spirit more than Courtney Weaver. Courtney took the plunge into entrepreneurship years ago to pursue passions and dreams, and to build something of her own with her own set of principles.

Courtney is the CEO of Weaver Sales Academy, a sales training organization for insurance professionals. Courtney co-founded Weaver Sales Academy with her husband Michael, and after almost a decade in business, she knows a thing or two about building life on her terms. 

Courtney’s podcast, Ambitious Hippies, also covers the principles of living life on your own terms. There’s no one better to give advice on living a life for you. Not for your parents, partner, competitors, friends, etc. Just for you

Before you keep reading, ask yourself this: who am I living for? Am I living day-to-day to fulfill my purpose or someone else’s? Do I desire a new way of living? 

If your answer to those questions leaves you feeling a bit discouraged, then it may be time for you to also get into the business of living (aka entrepreneurship). 

Entrepreneurship is the business of living because it allows us to take charge and live life on our own terms. We can build something that we are passionate about, and create a positive impact on the world. It allows us to be innovative and explore new paths and opportunities.

It’s a great time to be alive and to be an entrepreneur. The world is filled with opportunities to become an entrepreneur and create life on your own terms, but what is often left out is the role of principles and hard work that must be put in for success. The seed of an entrepreneurial life is a tireless desire to live with more power and purpose than you currently do and make the world a better place.

To do so, it is important to recognize the power that you possess and the impact you can make on the world even with one activity at a time. Embracing this mindset can be the fuel that keeps the flame of an entrepreneurial life alive, while the principles will guide the path and decisions you make along the way. 

Here are 5 ways to conceive the business of living and become the everyday entrepreneur you can be.  These will guide you right towards the pursuit of breakthrough ideas and non-negotiable ideals – and a life full of momentous activities and amazing adventures with fewer regrets.


  1. Create Impact 

Entrepreneurship is a journey of creating impact and influence. It's about creating a life on your own terms and achieving success by influencing others to believe in your vision. By embracing the principles of taking ownership, acknowledging the value of failure, and relentlessly pursuing their goals, entrepreneurs are able to create a lasting impact. 

The greatest entrepreneurs do not just produce great products and services but establish a culture of equity, openness, and collaboration. When you opt to make a difference, you create an impact and influence that is far greater than any tangible product or service.  Consequently, you become a role model and an inspiration to others.  To become an influential entrepreneur, focus on the bigger picture and recognize that you have a responsibility to make a difference in the lives of others.

  1. Stay True To You 

This step is one that cannot be skipped or pushed aside. For those on the entrepreneurial journey, it is important to remain strong and steadfast in your goals even when faced with jealousy and skepticism from friends and colleagues. Don’t let envy or lack or self-belief  lead you to live a life of regret. 

You do you.

Be yourself.

Be who you are.

We’ve all heard these lines. We’ve all been encouraged to be true to ourselves. To do what our hearts want. And, that’s great! But, at the same time, we’re not supported in doing that.The way our society functions does not prioritize well-being and self-preservation. So, these words become shallow then. However, they’re still important to act upon. To live a fulfilling life, a life that is truly yours, it’s important to be true to yourself.

Staying true to yourself is not about just doing whatever we want to. It’s about strength and courage and balance. 

Here are 6 realistic ways to be true to yourself…

  1. Take responsibility for your reactions
  2. Respect your feelings
  3. Be honest with yourself
  4. Take brave decisions patiently
  5. Depriotize pleasing people
  6. Make time for play

In the business of living, your courage and self-belief will be tested, but if you stay consistent and remain focused on what you want to achieve, you will begin to attract like-minded people, who share the same values and ideals. You’ll transition from going on this journey alone to having a community that can support and encourage you to keep going.

When you’re on a path of life on your own terms, there are certain principles that will help bring success: resilience, self-belief, hard work, and consistency. Commit to these and you will be able to make your dreams a reality. 

  1. Testing Your Ideas

Being an entrepreneur, it is important to develop relationships with a small inner circle- close friends, family members, and associates. This inner circle can act as your board of advocates, offering uncommon wisdom, courage, and instinctive insight to help you optimize your life on your terms. It can also be a key source of ideas and plans, enabling you to learn from others who have done it before, rather than starting from scratch on your own.

No matter how inspiring your idea may be, it is necessary to remember that ideation is distinctly different from execution. Without the support of your inner circle, you may find it difficult to take the necessary steps toward making your vision a reality. As an entrepreneur, always rely on the principles of discipline, hard work, dedication, and resilience. With the help of your inner circle, you can use these principles to achieve your goals.

Courtney has navigated starting a business with her husband and becoming a new mom while running said business. How did she do this? Support from others. 

Courtney’s advice on this topic: Be wary of isolating yourself while on your entrepreneurial journey. It’s easy to do. But the consequences of doing so can be very damaging. 

  1. Controlling Your Controllable 

As an innovator, you learn quickly that you cannot control some big factors on your road to success: the market, the weather, and the character of other people (to name some prominent ones). Yet, these factors cannot force you to take your eyes off what you can control: your feet, your focus, and your character. Controlling your controllable is how new entrepreneurs flourish in and out of season. 

  1. Earning Serendipity 

Entrepreneurial success often comes from a willingness to take risks and sow many seeds in life. It’s not enough to just bloom one flower - it’s important to ensure that your garden is well-tended and that multiple paths are taken to success. By planting multiple seeds, entrepreneurs learn the value of patience and resilience, as they will often see some of the seeds flourish and others fade away. 

It’s important to remember that life is always on your terms and that with the right principles in place, your garden will always have something to surprise you with. With patience comes serendipity, which can often manifest in the form of unexpected opportunities and blooms that have sprung from a forgotten seed. As an entrepreneur, it pays to follow the principles of life and constantly sow your seeds, for when you tend to your garden with love and commitment, you will be rewarded with beautiful and unexpected surprises.

Applying these 5 activities/lessons to everyday life is what sets a person, and a business, apart from the pack. You do not have to apply them all to become more entrepreneurial, but the more you apply, the more momentous your endeavors can be. 

Following in the footsteps of entrepreneurs like Courtney, can result in amazing things. If you want to get more out of life for yourself – and others – an entrepreneurial approach is the most powerful, purposeful course of action. It requires effort and risk but the rewards will outweigh the sacrifices. This is why it is called the business of living. It is a worthy and grand business. Head over to the Jackie Serviss Show to listen to the episode I did with Courtney!


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