The Start Stop Continue Method For New Year’s

The week between Christmas and New Year is an opportunity to reflect on the year gone by and to approach the year ahead with purpose and intention. A lot of emphasis is placed on this being a time to make big changes in our lives and while this can prove to be a useful motivator for many, it is also important to recognize that meaningful transitions and milestones are happening all year round. 

Our efforts in forging forward with life are meaningful and valuable regardless of when they occur. However, I have found that giving myself the space to reflect during this specific week, leads to a clear mind for the New Year. 

The reflection I do comes from the framework of the Start Stop Continue Method. 

Start Stop Continue is an intuitive framework that lets you collect feedback on three aspects:

  • What you should start doing;
  • What you should stop doing; and
  • What you should continue doing.

These prompts allow you to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the next. Notice how I said intentions, not resolutions? Resolutions are talked about once a year and often feel too cliché. Intentions can set you up for a thoughtful year and remind you to check in periodically to ensure you’re upholding them. 

A New Year is an opportunity to start something new, but it’s also a good time to continue doing the things that filled your cup in the previous year. Take the time between Christmas and New Year’s to reflect on your past, present, and future self. And give yourself the space to make 2023 the year you’re dreaming of. 


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