Are Borderless Careers Here to Stay?

career employment Jan 11, 2021

Are Borderless Careers Here to Stay?

Whether we call 2020 the year of the pivot, the year of awakening or the year of chaos one thing is for sure, the status quo was interrupted. 

From large corporations to small businesses, relationships, health and family life we all felt some degree of shift in our day to day lives.

One of the biggest shifts in 2020 was the conventional way we have always done business. 

Remote work, while accepted in certain industries, as a whole was not considered the most effective or productive way to drive results in business. Many leaders I spoke with in 2020 shared that they did not think the model was possible before being “forced” into a shut down early last year. 

As a result, many organizations have made conscious efforts to shift their work models to allow a hybrid effect of working from home a few days a week and into the office a few days for that much needed human interaction. And there are many roles that have moved to...

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