Not Everyone Is Meant to Build Teams

Not everyone is meant to build teams.

Far too often I see businesses and leaders jump into building internal teams for the wrong reasons.

Think about it. Have you ever been reactive in hiring? Have you made quick hires without understanding the future of your biz? Did you take the same amount of time to forecast your talent as you did your financials?

Building an internal team takes an equal amount of effort, intentionality & discipline as building a solid customer base.

If you’re not committed to the process of what it takes to build an effective team internally...let’s keep it simple. Stop now.

True leadership includes spending equal amounts of time creating successful cultures and teams as they do biz opportunities.

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Leaders You're Too Slow to Hire

employment hiring Jul 18, 2022


As a people strategist, I spend my days in conversations with leaders across multiple sizes of organizations, from entrepreneur to Fortune 500 orgs. I help leaders align their vision, business strategy and people to drive sustainable growth. 

And the common gap I see? We are too slow to hire. 

Our focus and efforts are placed on creating new products and services to drive top line growth and the minute we start to 2x, 5x, 10x our business we lack the foundational org structure to sustain the growth leading to reactive hiring. 

As leaders when we do not forecast talent the same way we forecast business we open up the door to be reactive, making quick hiring decisions that ALWAYS leads to more heartache then support. Moving us out of alignment and actually taking our time away from the growth areas of our business. 

As our business grows, we also need to grow as humans. The strongest leaders I have had the privilege of working...

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Are Borderless Careers Here to Stay?

career employment Jan 11, 2021

Are Borderless Careers Here to Stay?

Whether we call 2020 the year of the pivot, the year of awakening or the year of chaos one thing is for sure, the status quo was interrupted. 

From large corporations to small businesses, relationships, health and family life we all felt some degree of shift in our day to day lives.

One of the biggest shifts in 2020 was the conventional way we have always done business. 

Remote work, while accepted in certain industries, as a whole was not considered the most effective or productive way to drive results in business. Many leaders I spoke with in 2020 shared that they did not think the model was possible before being “forced” into a shut down early last year. 

As a result, many organizations have made conscious efforts to shift their work models to allow a hybrid effect of working from home a few days a week and into the office a few days for that much needed human interaction. And there are many roles that have moved to...

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