Turn Your Passion Into A Business

Everyone has a passion they'd like to turn into something more. Whether it's painting, cooking, writing, or coaching — if you have the drive and ambition to do something bigger with your passion, entrepreneurship can be the key. But how do you get started?

Inner Child Healing Coach and successful business owner, Kathryn Ducey, has some great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to take their passion to the next level. She believes that passion is one of the most important elements for success. From her experience founding her own business and online courses, she has several tips for turning your passion into something more than a hobby. 

When you think about the people you know who are great at what they do. More than likely, a passion for their work underpins their performance. Kathryn’s story is no different. While working through childhood trauma in her 30s, Kathryn’s passion for childhood healing was revealed. While navigating the ups and downs of...

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